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Nick Vujicic Author of Life Without Limits and Unstoppable

Nick Vujicic was born without arms or legs. The doctors and his parents have no medical explanation why this happened. Despite his obvious challenge Nick Vujicic has become a best selling author, actor, speaker, business owner and is one of the most inspirational stories in this generation.


Nick Vujicic graduated from the university with a Bachelor of Commerce with a double degree in Financial Planning and Accounting, he loves to swim, fish and play soccer. Nick will inspire any audience to “dream big and never give up” he’s spoken to millions of people live, he will encourage and motivate leadership teams and sales teams across the board to do bigger and better.

Nicks corporate experience has been at annual conferences, business-related seminars, motivational conferences in 57 countries, he’s spoken at 8 National Congresses and has met 13 presidents.




Corporate Conference Presentations:


• Goal Setting

• Attitude of Gratitude

• Integrity and the Power of Leadership

• Dealing with Change

• Persistence

• Accepting the Things You Can’t Change

• Changing the Things You Can Change

• A Reality-check on Your Priorities

• Importance of a Team-Player

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