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Gabriel Najera

Gabriel Najera is an inspiring, motivating and humorous professional speaker who has an instinctive ability to capture and lift the spirits of people, empowering them for a renewed reach toward any goals, dreams and purpose they once thought were impossible to accomplish.


Gabriel has very extensive experience in public speaking, television and radio, as a motivational trainer and life-coach, and is a compelling author.


His love is people and his passion is a life challenging moment. Gabriel's versatility generates invitations from a wide variety of businesses, schools and organizations nationally and internationally. He effectively customizes his life-message to benefit any audience, leaving them inspired and motivated.


People are limited more by attitude than opportunity, especially when fear, anger, and complacency pervade the comfort zone.


Gabriel embraces hope and courage with a joyful determination to seize every day for good and to blaze a triumphant trail for others to follow.

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