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The first experience Victor had with sales was at 6 years old. His father owned a small auto accessory business and took Victor to work one day, a couple of hours after opening the store Victor told his father he was hungry, His father looked at him and asked a him a question, “Have you sold anything?” Victor answered “no” the next thing out of his fathers mouth changed Victor’s life forever “well” he said “if you don’t sell you don’t eat” immediately Victor climbed to the top of a van where people can see him and began to shout at people to walk in the store, 15 minutes later Victor sold his first pair of seat covers for $25, the rest is history! Victor is an entrepreneur and has a passion for the art of selling and recruiting. He has been at the top of real-estate, he’s owned a executive search business and trained staff in recruiting and tele-marketing, Victor owns an interpreting and translation agency and has recruited and hired over 60 interpreters and also 37 language translators, has started his own natural soap manufacturing and distribution business and has traveled the world with the top achievers and motivators. He’s mastered the art of building relationships, opening and closing, setting and breaking sales goals.


In Victors elite sales speech he teaches the key principles to becoming a top sales executive in any industry. He brings passion and enthusiasm motivating any sales force to increase sales faster and easier.




• If you don’t sell you don’t eat

• Sales Is A Process Not An Event

• Setting Goals

• Persistence and Determination

• The Art of Asking Questions and Listening

• Product Knowledge

• Being a Solution to a Problem

• Following-Up

• Closing

• Having PASSION for what you do

• Achieving your Dreams

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